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How can I withdraw earnings with Stripe?
I live outside the U.S and when I click on "connect with Stripe" I need to provide a phone number but my country isn't listed, can I still use Stripe?
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If you do not live in a supported country, you can use a secure SMS service for phone verification (i.e. You can also use a virtual bank account provider (like Transferwise, N26, Revolut, ) but may see higher payout failures than standard bank accounts.
How do I get paid?
How do I get paid after completing a session with a client?
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When you are booked privately, or when someone joins your live session, you are automatically paid via Stripe. Make sure to connect (or create) your Stripe account via the "Earnings" page in your Dashboard. If someone offers to transact outside of Daystage's safe payment system, don't agree.
What can I do to maximize success and get good reviews from clients?
Any tips on how to have great sessions?
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Well, it's simple, be awesome. Remember that people pay you to get valuable insights. When users pay to join your Live Session, or schedule a one on one session with you, give them an experience they won't forget, and would recommend you to others. It's easy to not respond to a booking request for a couple of days, but don't do it. Be nice, prompt patient and professional.
How do I get booked on Daystage?
How can I get more clients?
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When users see your posts on Daystage, or visit links to your profile on social media, they will book a session with you if they feel they can learn from you. Make sure to post quality content that users can ignore. When your posts get upvoted, there's more chances they will be suggested to more users who may want to book a session with you, or join your live links.
A client booked me for a 1 hour session. Can we book another?
We covered a lot in 1 hour but will need another meeting. can we book longer sessions?
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Yes, the client can book another session with you using the "Book" button in your profile. You can also 'Go Live' and set a password for the specific client, sending them your invite link.