So, you’re a budding musical artist using your YouTube channel to better showcase your music to the world, but struggle to attract viewers to your channel. While the first assumption is often, ‘I must not be good enough to get more views on my videos’ this isn’t always true. Many times, there are other factors at play besides talent influencing your ability to get views on your videos. Even the most talented musicians often fall victim to this paradigm. In the vast world of internet fandom, YouTubers are willing to use all the tips and tricks to get ahead. Below you will find 7 tips for increasing your YouTube viewership. Keep calm and read on.

1. Annotate your videos

Seldom does anyone watch videos on YouTube these days without seeing annotations, whether you notice them or not. Annotations are little lines of text that come up at the top or bottom of the screen while you are watching a video that say things like ‘follow’, ‘subscribe’, ‘like’, or a link to another related video. While it may seem hard to believe that a little blurb at the top of your video could make a difference in the amount of views and subscribers you get, it actually can make quite a bit of difference. By adding shortcuts to your videos, you are making it easier for viewers to support your channel. Point your viewers in the direction you want them to go and more often than not, that’s where they will go.

2. Get more subscribers

The relationship between the amount of views one gets on their videos and the number of subscribers they have is linear. The more subscribers you have, the more views you get, simple as that. This only makes sense seeing as how the people who subscribe to your channel do so because they like you and your work and are thus more likely to show love and support on your videos. When you post a new video, subscribers will see the video pop up on their home screen and they may even have their account set up to receive messages when new videos are available.

This all sounds great, but the question remains, how do you get more people to subscribe to your channel? While posting great content is sure to draw in a crowd, a more straight forward method is to simply ask people. You can do this by telling people to subscribe to your channel during your videos, or as mentioned previously, add an annotation that encourages people to subscribe to your channel. People don’t always think about subscribing to the YouTubers they like, so giving them that extra reminder is sometimes all it takes.

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3. Make a Playlist

If you were able to reel in a viewer to one of your videos, make the most of this opportunity and keep them on your channel a little while longer so they can watch more of your videos. You can accomplish this by making use of playlists. Putting all your videos into a synced up, easy to find place list makes it more likely that all your videos will be viewed instead of just one or two. This is due in part to the fact that organizing your videos into a playlist makes it so another one of your videos starts playing once the previous one ends. Another benefit to creating a playlist is that it allows your viewers to see all your videos at once on the side bar instead of having to search for all your videos individually. Once again making it easier for YouTube users to find your videos will bring in more views, likes, and subscribers to your channel.

4. Utilize Video Responses

Getting more people to notice your videos is the end goal when trying to increase the amount of views on your channel. Another way to do that is by posting your YouTube videos in the comments section of other similar videos. This way, people who are already interested in the type of entertainment you provide will notice you and dive on into your channel.

If you are wondering how to this this sort of video response, fret no more as you are about to see how. All you need to do is find a video that relates to your genre, and look for the comment box. Next to the comment box, there should be something that says “Create a video response”. Clicking on that should bring you to a page which shows a list of all your videos that you can choose from to add as your video response. Super quick and easy and super useful in getting more YouTubers watching your videos.

5. Send Out Bulletins

The new Bulletin feature allows YouTubers to communicate more directly with their fans. Sending out bulletins is a way to alert your subscribers when you have new content out or a video has been updated. Subscribers who have the option set up can get text alerts or new videos can simply pop up on their home page. Being more involved with your viewers will keep them ready and waiting for your next video to come out.

6. Choose Current Topics

When trying to reign in the masses, using pop culture is just about the best tool out there. Choosing to create videos that relate to current events or fads in pop culture will guarantee a large number of hits in a short period of time. This could come in the form of covering a new song or putting your spin on an already popular fan favorite. Whatever you choose to do, appealing to current trends and familiarity will be sure to draw in a crowd. Something else to note is that if you entitle your cover as similar to the original as possible, your video may show up as an option when someone searches for the original or it may even appear on the side bar.

7. Community is Key

The YouTube community is vast and full of artistically driven, creative minds. To miss out on an opportunity to tap into this community of artists would be a disservice to your goals. Connecting with other YouTubers by commenting on other their videos, liking their posts, and subscribing to likeminded creators will get your name out there and help develop recognition for your channel. Not only will doing this bring in more traffic to your channel, but it will also help you build up a good rapport with potential future collaborators. Collaborating with YouTube artists is a great way to broaden your fan base since both parties are seen by the other’s audience that they have worked so hard to build up.

While utilizing these seven tips are a sure-fire way to increase views on your videos, it is important to keep in mind that the chances of becoming an overnight YouTube star are slim. Most people who have become successful using YouTube spent a lot of time and hard work getting to that point, so don’t worry if you are not seeing amazing results over night. Work hard, don’t give up, and you will see the recognition you deserve.